Nipple & Areola Reconstruction

Please note: Your privacy is paramount. I am indebted to my many clients who have without exception encouraged me to publish their intimate photographs to assist others who have suffered the many insults to their bodies that comes with the radical treatment of breast cancer. We are a marvelous sisterhood of survivors and of those who are yet to achieve that milestone. My own milestone was in April of 2008 which I celebrated with my husband, daughters, son-in-law and our beautiful grandchildren. View these and other images in my studio with great respect for the courage and compassion of those who have provided them.
I am equally indebted firstly to my general surgeon, plastic surgeon and former colleague who scrubbed for them in a long and challenging procedure when they collaborated for the first time; secondly to the general practitioner who tattooed my own nipples giving me a new interest in my femininity and who encouraged me to train in this field; finally to the oncologist who continues to monitor my health.

The starting position: post-operative result of a right mastectomy with a flap reconstruction, nipple/areola reconstruction and left breast reduction mammoplasty. Breast before
Breast Markup The areas for tattooing involving different pigments for nipple and areola are marked up and confirmed visually by the client. The natural (left) areola has been increased in size to more closely match the reconstructed areola.
The first session procedure is now complete. Some fading will occur, so a second "touch-up" session is available. Many clients, especially the fair-skinned, prefer to have lighter pigmentation. Breast After
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