Regular Tattoo Removal

This procedure is the most common method of removal of of unwanted tattoos by introduction of lightening or camouflaging pigments by tattooing over the existing pigments.

As with all of these skin-penetrating procedures, there are benefits and disadvantages in their use. The primary bio-herbal pigment removal solution must NOT be used near the eyes or on the lips., and requires a secondary treatment 30 days after the first treatment. If the practitioner has any concerns regarding the client's skin condition or general health, a physician's assessment may be required.

Also precluded from this treatment are tattoos close to a primary blood vessel (venous or arterial), or close to bone such as scalp, shin or elbow. It should not be used for clients who are racially dark skinned, nor for diabetics nor sufferers of herpes simplex (HSV-1 and HSV-2 - cold sores, genital herpes, Bell's palsy & other manifestations - if in doubt make sure you declare it on initial consultation).

Where the practitioner has assessed the suitability of the client for the procedure, very good results can be achieved. For those who are precluded from the traditional treatment, the Rejuvi process may still be a viable alternative.

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