Biography of the Practitioner

Janis Livingstone

I am your practitioner Janis Livingstone (RN RM MAPAA AIPM). I am a currently-practising Registered Nurse, specialising in cosmetic tattooing, and I provide a safe, secure and hygienic environment. I will talk you through every step of the procedure, with a focus on minimal scarring and minimal pain.

My initial training was at the Alfred Hospital in Melbourne, graduating as a Registered Nurse (RN) in 1972, and as a Registered Midwife (RM) in 1982 after an internship at Box Hill Hospital (also in Melbourne). My current Authority to Practice in both disciplines is under the jurisdiction of the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency which has a public portal for the verification of professional qualifications. You are invited to verify my current standing using this link and my General Registration Number NMW0001312361.

Most of my nursing work has been in the operating theatre dealing with cross infection, infection control, working in a sterile field and understanding these isssues and their effect on patients and practitioners alike.

In my early fifties, while employed as Theatre Manager in a large private surgical hospital in Sydney and studying for my Master of Clinical Practice degree, I developed breast cancer which was diagnosed following regular screening. I decided on a radical bilateral mastectomy and reconstruction without nipples and areola. I was very much encouraged by the plastic surgeon and general surgeon to further enhance the appearance of my breasts. This led to cosmetic tatttoing of my breasts by a Sydney GP who had trained in this field out of concern for her own clients who had suffered from breast cancer. Given my medical qualifications and experience, the GP supported me in gaining those skills and I now work closely with the same plastic surgeon and some of his colleagues who have that commitment to the psychological benefits as well as the physical wellbeing of their patients.

The training for nipple & areola tattooing is an advanced technique, therefore I had to qualify in facial cosmetic tattooing before undertaking the advanced training. This basic training was very rewarding, as it covered traditional cosmetic make-up application and aesthetics as a pre-requisite to cosmetic tattooing. My special thanks to my mentor Faye Rielly (AIPM) who continues to guide me through this new learning process, beginning while still in recovery from my own surgery.

It is immensely rewarding for me to see the positive impact on my clients when they see the results of these procedures. In my own case, just the appearance after my tattooing prompted me to buy a whole new underwear wardrobe, much to my husband's delight!

Given the nature and delicacy of the skin around a breast reconstruction, it is unlikely that scarring will ever be totally masked. A number of factors come into play - skin colour, age, elasticity, melanin density and natural pigmentation consistency. There is no guarantee, nor likelihood, of a perfect outcome.

What I will do is make the best of your natural attributes and come closer to restoring your appearance to where it was. What I do is no "silver bullet" or magic treatment - I can't transform a middle-aged woman into a teen-aged fashion model, however I will work towards you being as delighted with the outcome as I was when I received my first treatment.

Professional Qualifications

RN Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency
Registered Nurse: NMW0001312361
RM Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency
Registered Midwife: NMW0001312360
MAPAA The Association of Professional Aestheticians of Australia
Member: 30333CFNR
AIPM Australian Institute of Permanent Makeup
Certified to perform
  • Eyeliner & Eyelash Enhancement
  • Lipline & Blend
  • Eyebrow & Eyebrow Enhancement
  • Full Lip, Lipline & Colour Removal
  • Nipple Areola Creation & Repigmentation
  • Colour Selection, Matching & Blending

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